5 Easy Ways To Bring Your Business To The Next Level In 2021

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, but it has hit entrepreneurs and business owners particularly hard. Innovators that normally were able to be at the forefront of trends were given an unprecedented set of challenges to navigate. Now, in the coming months of 2021, acclaimed business leader Pascal Bachmann has outlined five ways … Read more

Daniel Habif Gives Us Hope On The Covid-19 Crisis: Let’s Make This A Historical Event Marked By Empathy

There are few individuals as creative, loving, and genuine as Daniel Habif. Habif, the Mexican entrepreneur, content creator and motivational speaker who has been featured in many important events such as the Live Aid for Venezuela in February 2019, has spoken at major forums such as TEDx, Mexico’s Senate of the Republic and the recent … Read more

Interview with Digital Marketing Guru Jeremy Arthur Morris

Jeremy Arthur Morris is a New York based digital marketer and entrepreneur. He’s been making considerable contributions to help artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, and many other gain traction through his work. We got the chance to interview him below: –Start of Interview– What exactly do you do for a career? “I’m an entrepreneur that focuses on … Read more

Humberto Daniel Bastardo D’Arthenay Is An Amazing Wedding And Events Planner, He Also Works In A Country With Million Percent Inflation

The situation in Venezuela is extremely worrisome. A country once known for being rich and receiving migrants, is now home to the second highest inflation in the world and causing extreme mass migration.  However, not everyone is leaving Venezuela. Some are staying and continuing their personal ventures and entrepreneurial work. As some may say, it … Read more

Trevor Wong is Passionate About Ecommerce and Social Media Marketing; That is Why He is Good at it

Social media marketing and ecommerce-based businesses are a growing trend in 2020. Since the last decade, when social media became a tool for promotion of specific content and material, marketing agencies have become more necessary; and since ecommerce started replacing regular retail and traditional businesses, having the know-how to engage in ecommerce has become more … Read more

Meet The Doctor Trying to Protect & Save Your Vision

The average American is now on a digital device for 8-10 hours a day, causing millions of people to suffer from digital eye strain and poor sleep. “Our eyes were simply not designed to function this way, and we all know that this may potentially cause damage to our long-term vision and eye health. Seeing … Read more